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Full Automatic Rotary Reduction Furnace

Full Automatic Rotary Reduction Furnace

Tungsten Oxide or other metallic oxide powder can be reduced by HXNUMX  in this furnace, to produce Tungsten or other pure metal.

Hubungi kita

● The furnace demonstrate good temperature uniformity performance, and achieves complete reduction by turning over powder uniformly during furnace drum rotation, obtaining stable grain size pure metal powder.

● This furnace is designed with XNUMX heating zones, thus allowing large range of temperature adjustment options.

● The structure is relatively simple and has fewer moving parts. With stable operation, it requires low maintenance and operating cost.

The reinforced heat insulation structure demonstrate excellent performance and low energy consumption.

● The operating cost is lower than that of a conventional multi-tube furnace, and do not need to consider the cost of boat.


● Best Temperature Uniformity
● Low Maintenance & Operation Cost

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